time-lapse (overview of site) update 29.11.09

After 6 weeks of construction and many months of planning the Greenhouse St Georges Terrace opened its doors to the public in December 2009

Those travelling along ‘the terrace’ might have noticed the wall of terracotta pots and greenery, and a throng of grimy characters in fluorescent workwear coming and going like bees to a hive. Many of the more curious pedestrians have tentatively poked heads through doors or pressed an eye to a window to see what lives inside.

An incredible team of people have contributed blood, sweat and tears to get the Greenhouse to this stage, and we would like to thank everyone that has invested their time and energy helping to create this place.

The new can be scary, the new can be troublesome, but more than anything the new is exciting. We are excited to open our doors to Perth and invite you in to experience something new and out of the ordinary.