evening eats

mon-wed  5.00-10.00pm

thurs-sat 5.00-10.30


rock oysters, lime

mushroom croquettes, chevre

spiced nuts

aussie olives

house bread & butter

ox heart slider

afghan bread, hummus

marron ceviche

charred leeks, broccolini, quinoa, almond

rare seared emu, walnut sauce, turnips

chorizo, slow cooked egg, migas, peppers

wood roasted heirloom carrots, fennel seed, labne

chickpea, okra, sweet potato tagine

stone ground, whole wheat pizza

roast chicken, ancho spice, pickled onion, yogurt

pink snapper, cabbage, chilli, tahini

lamb rump, freeka, pomygratin

braised beef shin, polenta



quince tart, chestnut cream

pistachio milk foam, poached fruits, ginger bread

liquorice & rustler berry parfait, marshmallow

mandarin mousse, chocolate wafer, lilly pilly

three cheeses from australia




all subject to variation based on availability of ingredients