Immune Defence is a well designed supplement which is structured to improve the immune system. Being sweet in flavor, this supplement goes a long way to provide a healthy boost to the immune system. Only 4 lozenges are sufficient to get improved recovery time in dealing with cold/flu, etc.

Key Ingredients: Sugar, Rose Hip Powder, Zinc gluconate, Acerola powder, oil of aniseed, and bulking agent which is magnesium stearate.

This immunity booster supplement essentially consists of Zinc and Vitamin C. These two ingredients form a major part and thus help in improvising the immunity up to a great extent.

Having manufactured in the United Kingdom. The supplement is well equipped with the supreme quality natural ingredients, thus leading to an excellent quality product. All the studies on the product are scientifically backed as well.

Thus, Immune Defence is a panacea if you are looking for the well conditioning of your immune system.

Moreover, this product has a general impact on overall health. Immune Defence can be used by the children and thus suits the needs of people of all age groups.

Exam stress often affects the immune system of the students and thus makes them tired and prone to fatigue. Here comes the role of Immune Defence comes into picture whose servings become boon.

Immune Defence makes the immune system quite strong to effectively deal with situations like cough, cold, etc.

Immune Defence Benefits:

  1. Contains vital vitamins like Vitamin A, E, and C
  2. Contains Acerola which is rich in vitamin C, and also contains vitamin A, riboflavin, thiamine and niacin.
  3. Immune Defence contains important minerals like zinc. Zinc is an essential cofactor in various immune system related responses and helps fights viruses and bacteria.
  4. Vegan Friendly
  5. Suitable for a wide age group range: children aged 12 plus.
  6. 100 days Guarantee of money back
  7. Free shipping worldwide
  8. UK manufactured and pleasant taste.

Thus these perks associated with this single supplement make it a necessary supplement to have in your wardrobe.

The Working Method of Immune Defence

It contains the most important minerals and vitamins necessary for proper functioning of the immune system. For instance it contains Zinc which prevents the virus from entering the cells and thus prevents Cod/Flu and makes us healthy. It severely influences the immunity system for the better and makes sure it is in the best condition if in case we contact any infection.

It assists by managing the several infections that have a capability to make one ill. Thus, eventually, Zinc prevents inflammation and in general prevents the concealed effects of a virus.

Immune Defence

When zinc is combined with the negatively charged cabonyl termini of the rhinovirus coat, it prevents the virus from entering cells, thus preventing the virus from reproducing any further.

Let’s have a look at the several ingredients of this Immunity booster which helps in making the immunity effectively strong to tackle the various situations.

  • Ingredients:

Rose Hip water, Sugar, Acerola powder, Zinc Gluconate, Oil of Aniseed.

  • Nutritional information:

Each lozenge provides an average of 2.5 mg of Vitamin C and 3.5 mg of Zinc.

  • Directions for usage:

One need to suck one lozenge every 2 hours as and when required. One is not advised to take more than 4 lozenges in a single day.

Advantages of Ingredients

Consists of Natural and Organic ingredients: Various studies have revealed that the ingredients which this booster contains are not only natural but also vegan, and highly beneficial. Immune Defence is composed of Rosehip which is a source of Vitamins A, E and C. Even it contains Acerola which is a source of Vitamin A and C. All these ingredients cumulatively contribute towards making the immune system strong and healthy.

Defends against Viruses and Flu during Cold and Flu: Immune Defence makes the body capable of tackling the Cold and Flu very easily. Zinc and various vitamins present in the composition not only make the immune system ready for attacks by multiple pathogens but also if there is already a bacteria or virus inside your body.

Reduces the duration of Cold and Flu: Various studies are depicting the efficiency and productivity of immunity. It reduces the impact of Cold and Flu by as much as 50 percent and thus has a major role to play when it comes to providing the best results in a stipulated period of time. The sole reason of the product being so effective is mainly zinc and various cofactors in the form of vitamins and minerals.

Protects your immune system from stress: In situations of stress, the immune system doesn’t function appropriately and thus there is a very high probability that Cold and cough and other similar disorders will make the body week. In stress situations, the competency of our immune system greatly decreases, and our immune cells are not at their 100 percent. However, the presence of Zinc in this supplement helps in imparting a vital force to the immune system to tackle various situations of discomfort. Furthermore, the vitamins present in the lozenge helps to recover the body as soon as possible.

Thus, looking at it from a broader aspect and keeping everything in mind, the immunity gets drastically enhanced, leading to a productive and healthy life.

Apart from the various benefits which this supplement provides, the major deal lies in identifying whether this supplement is actually that much efficient or not.

Final Verdict

So, let’s jump to the conclusion directly. There is lot of scientific evidence that effectively shows that this supplement is well enriched with the quality of effective ingredients. These ingredients are well designed to impart a healthy immunity to the body. There are no medicines that can instantly boost your immune system; however, it is a long and gradual process, and with appropriate supplements, anyone can boost their immune system.

Vitamins and zinc help increase the competitiveness of the antibodies present in the body. In general, they not only protect the body but also make the immune system much stronger than before.

This vegan friendly supplement makes itself the top notch immunity booster providing the best quality ingredients like zinc and Vitamin C. All the ingredients have natural sources so fret not about any negative side effects.

Also not exceeding the recommended dosage is advised. Take one lozenge every two hours when required. Do not take more than four lozenges per day. Also it is not specific to any age group. Whether you are young and under stress, middle-aged or elderly, if you are suffering from regular infections or living under stress. The elderly have lower immunity anyhow as compared to various other age groups and this puts them at a higher risk than others for developing different kinds of infections and diseases because of bacterias and viruses present in the air. Immune Defence can strengthen the immune system and can help a magnitude of people.

To gist out the whole concept, Immune Defence can be regarded as the most sought after supplement which is not only affordable but also efficiently boosts the immunity of an individual and thus makes the family life more peaceful and happy.