lunch 12.00-3.30pm

house sourdough, butter

rock oysters, lime

mixed aussie olives

spiced nuts

cured meats

falafel, tahini yoghurt

baharat spiced cauliflower, eggplant puree

poached chicken, pickled carrot, quinoa crackers

crumbed pork hock, shitake, kim chi, iceberg

confit lamb, charred zucchini, currants, bunya nut, labne

marron, kipfler potato, native citrus & green olive

jungle curry, pink snapper, jasmine rice, apple eggplant

seared rare emu, grains and legumes, grapes

stone ground, whole wheat pasta

stone ground, whole wheat pizza



mixed leaves

tomato & mozzarella salad

fried kipfler potato, aioli



plum & lavender parfait, sesame crunch, shortbread

peanut butter & jam sandwich, chocolate ganache

pineapple upside down cake, sour cream

watermelon foam, berry salad, almond milk jelly

three cheeses from Australia


all subject to variation based on availability of ingredients