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My name is Matthew Sartori, I came to the Greenhouse Perth as the sous-chef in July 2013 and since then have moved in to being more of an all-rounder, working on the floor, behind the bar, on the coffee machine and the occasional shift back in the kitchen, and now writing the blog for the restaurant and bar.

But 2013 wasn’t when I actually became interested in the Greenhouse and what it is all about, several years earlier I applied at the restaurant and unfortunately there was not any positions available and found another job elsewhere. Although I learnt a lot at the job I took instead, it only fuelled my desire to work in an establishment where they put certain procedures in place that would have the least impact on mother nature. I would constantly see things thrown in the rubbish or not recycled based on the fact that being sustainable was not of any interest to the establishment, when in all honesty, I think it should be in everybody’s best interest to do what they can to look after our planet and leave as little carbon footprint as we can.

I started in the hospitality industry quite young, but I didn’t leave school to start an apprenticeship because I loved to cook, but of a way to get out of going to school, and it was only two and a half years later that I decided to cancel my apprenticeship and seek out a different profession. Three years later I decided to go back to the kitchen, not because I had a desire to cook again but because I felt as though I was getting left behind without have a career or trade, and it wasn’t until then that I truly loved cooking and the inner runnings of a restaurant, which has now led me to being a part of the Greenhouse.

Looking back on my childhood, back then I had no interest in being a chef or being anything for that matter, but I remember certain occasions where I did cook and love it, like making scones on Sunday mornings while my parents and sister were still asleep, I must of been no older than 10 operating our oven at home, another occasion where I would cook was making damper when my family went camping, which was a regular occurrence growing up in the country.

Working at the Greenhouse has taught me a lot so far, learning about the closed loop systems, analysing what is waste and how we can use it in the restaurant and that Friday lunch services are really busy!

On another note, we still have tickets available for our ‘Green is Good’ five course dinner with matched drinks on Saturday the 12th of April.

Posted on April 11, 2014 in Journal

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