What is the Greenhouse?

The Greenhouse is a Restaurant and Bar located in the Perth CBD which opened late 2009.

The man behind the Greenhouse is an artist, florist, builder, gardener and restauranteur

Joost Bakker.

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The Building.

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Unique features of the Greenhouse start from the floor and work its way up to the rooftop bar.

The floor is made from old plastic pallets destined for landfill.

The furniture is made from recycled timber and old street signs.

The iconic hanging spirit bottles of the bar are hung by recycled box strapping.

The hanging pendants are made by recycling old rusty fence metal.

The furniture upstairs is made by re-using plastic packing crates destined for the tip much like the pallets.

The Food.

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The kitchen for long has been reigned by WA local, sustainability advocate and all-round nice guy Matt Stone using the freshest WA produce.

The food is honest and holds no pretence, highlighting the amazing food this state produces.

The kitchen mill their own wheat for the sourdough breads, whole wheat pizzas and pastas, using Eden Valley biodynamic wheat.

Fresh cultured butter, cheeses and yoghurt are made throughout the day using Bannister Downs milk and cream.

No pre-made food makes its way into the Greenhouse, the kitchen team starts at 4am baking the breads, muffins, cakes and doughnuts and making pasta for the day.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner menus run throughout the day with constant specials.

Matt has now passed the reigns to German born Dominik Moldenhauer, you may be lucky enough to come in on a day where he features schmaltz, sauerkraut or spritzkuchen.

The Drinks

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The drinks menu has been designed to showcase the amazing drinks and wines Australia has to offer, such as cider from Ian at Custard in Donnybrook, Malbec from Twin Cellars in Cowaramup, Gin from Margaret River and Rum from Eagleby.

Our sparkling water is collected from the roof of the Custard Cider brewery, filtered through positive charged ions and carbonated.

Fresh juices and house made kombucha feature on the menu, as well as locally roasted coffee

The Recycling

Recycling is something the Greenhouse takes very seriously.

The Closed Loop composter located on the rooftop turns organic waste into compost in 48 hours, dehydrating the waste to 10% of its original weight.

Coffee grinds, food scraps, used napkins, anything biodegradable for that matter.

Water is collected from the kitchen from vegetable and herb washing water and vegetable refreshing water, water is also collected from leftover glasses on each table and that water is then used to water our garden upstairs.

All plastics, metals, glass, papers and styrofoam are recycled.

Our toilets are unique in that upon flushing, the water destined to re-fill the tank is used to wash your hands.

Our paper and toilet paper are also made from recycled paper.

The End

Posted on May 11, 2014 in Journal

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